Elemental Dawn

Chapter 19: To Red Larch with Love

Chapter 19:
Where our heroes did travel to Red Larch and see things of a suspicious nature, give ethical advice to merchants, and invade the monastery of the Sacred Stone.All evidence points to a surge in the goblin population …
Meanwhile, is the Sacred Stone but the tip of the troubles? Who gives them their orders? Where do the stone stairs lead to? Have animals begun to live in Gilles’ beard?

Notable NPCs
Wagon Train encountered, last seen on the road between Red Larch and Westbridge

Bruno Monetti (Male Human, purveyor of wares, seeking to ease the woes of those poor unfortunate souls at reasonable rates)
Bilbar Rasbenni (Male Gnome, dealer in ceramics)
Rossilita (Female Human, licensed companion, also seeking to ease woes at reasonable rates)


BlueSeven BlueSeven

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