Elemental Dawn

A Dangerous Journey
Blessed Frater Daro's Excellent Adventure!
‘A Dangerous Journey’ or ‘Frater Daro’s Excellent Adventure’

In which our heroes escort the robust Frater Daro to Alesport while beset upon by hired thugs disguised as bandits, only to be confronted once more by the agents of the Black Hand behind the ambush.

An unnamed (‘Some might call me Donnie or Leo..’, technically both true) Bandit / Rogue who is captured (while others flee or the two that are killed alongside dogs) reveals much about the attack.

1. They were hired by an unnamed individual operating from the Wormford docks, a barge called “The River Maid”.
2. Normally they just harass travelers and occasionally capture those who won’t be missed.
3. This time, they were contacted and overseen by a gravelly voiced warrior in strange armor and a brown cloaked man with a much more brutal objective, the execution of the ‘fat priest’.

Despite promises about being released, the casual threats and violence convince him to attempt escape as soon as possible (particularly the retying up after his ample co-operation). Managing to luck out during a later ambush (see below), he does and intends to make his way somewhere far safer.

The following dawn, the ground trembled preceded the appearance of that gravelly voiced warrior in stone armor (with a sigil of a black triangle upon it) and the cloaked caster (in stone / splint), and two teen bullettes. Uttering triumph “in the name of the Black Earth”, the attack was however driven back, the caster promising that the “Black Earth would swallow them whole, when time was in its fullness” before summoning an adult bullette to escape.

Hurrying forth to Amphail to get horses, they pressed onward to Alesport and arrived just prior to the Festival of Dawn’s Grace.

A Dinner Date With Disaster
Hello, How Do You Duel?

‘A Dinner Date with Disaster’ or ‘Hello, How do you Duel?’
In which our heroes find themselves pursued by pirates, challenged by a duelist, and menaced by open ended quests before they finally arrive at Golden Fields to rescue Frater Daro from the Tower of Book Keeping … All this and a jug of mayonnaise

A deal is made with the Pirates re: the lost wares that were to be used to purchase the freedom of slaves in Bargewright, which is then passed on to Lord Sylvester as part of a bet over the outcome of Bale’s duel with Captain Umberto of the remarkable mustache (covering his dueling scars). Bale refuses to yield despite the drubbing he received and Umberto grudgingly accepts the results.

The party is approached by Aldren Foxglove but apparently do not trust the thespian.

The Sunken Temple
Are You My Bog Mummy?

Chapter 3: The Sunken Temple or Are Your My Bog Mummy?
Resting briefly, the party attempted to paddle in stealth to the second encampment of cultists and raiders, which to the suprise of none quickly escalated into a combat with sauhigan and their spell tossing hag. Emerging triumphant, the party rested for the night, building up their might for venturing into the Temple on the morrow.
Wading through the flowing waters, the eager Bella awoke the tentacled Guardian while the rest of the party fought off smaller elemental creatures. Eventually driving off the Guardian and the lesser threats, Bella as the strongest was voted to climb through the opening from which unending waters poured. Seeing a frog shaped cauldron that spewed forth water and a pearl adorned marble sarcophagus, she decided to closely investigate the latter – with a crowbar. She choose not to be distracted by the howling mummified thing that sprang up in response to her efforts, but fled down the rope after it raked her with claws that stank of rotting fish. Reluctant to engage the final defender of the Temple until they could refresh their spent resources, the party returned to camp and tend to the hungry and frightened captives they had rescued the day before.
A day later, prepared as best they could, the party roped themselves together and ventured once more into the sanctum aquarium, this time risking the previously hidden, slime encrusted rubble that approximated stairs. With a vengeance, the remains of Drowned Gods priest reanimated and attacked the bold interlopers, until to fall before the relentless spells and weapons and bear of the party.
Victorious, the party attempted to puzzle out how to shut off the tap as it where, before finally settling on the brute force method of removing the frog cauldron from the temple and moving it as far as they could from the site, a tactic that appeared successful. The most unusual of items recovered from the adventure included a silver eye that granted minor spells and a greenish blue orb that pulsed with elemental energy (and apparently a ticking timer with a mere five hours remaining before detonation) with an accompanying carrying case that supposedly would safely contain the orb for a time.
Packing up what loot they could, the party and the villagers made their way back to Alesport, receiving a heroes welcome.
Next chapter – in which our heroes consider some downtime and make choices as to where their next adventure may lay.

Into the Unknown
Marsh Ado about Something

Chapter 2: “Into the Unknown” or “Marsh Ado about Something”

The party ventured into the Averni Swamps in search of ooze and cultists, instead finding rat riding goblins, the tomb of an unknown dwarf, and a smuggler’s safe house with a hidden store of contraband goods. After terrorizing / rescuing a smuggler scout, the party burned the safe house down and resumed their trek along the river, stumbling upon a cultist hunting party. Somehow managing to follow them back to their lair, the party opts to retreat some and rest the evening before attempting to assault the cultists or rescue the townsfolk.

Tomb of the Forgotten Dwarf
Protected by a wailing spirit who speaks only dwarven
Breastplate with damaged sigil (Elemental Rune of Fire) and the rune for “Unbreaking / Unyielding”
Damaged book of Dwarven Book of Kings

Storm Over Alesport
In which our Heroes meet

Alesport, season of Mists in the year 1497

From out of the unending storm came the watery doom, creatures of the deep wrecking havoc through the merchant port of Alesport. A band of adventurers rallied to face the invaders, confronting the wandering bands and eventually confronting and defeating the head cultist at the Temple of the Seven but too late to save the grizzled out priest of Orm.

Whether it was the demise of Stephano, the head cultist who had vowed vengeance, or the response of the mercenary band, the Red Angels, the invaders retreated back to the sea from which they came but taking with them several captives.

That evening the heroic adventurers were invited to enjoy the opulent hospitality of Lord Sylvester ‘the Virtuous’ Villanova and his wife.

Come morning, the party resolved to follow the trail of a mysterious sigil connecting the events of the previous evening with ruins in the nearby Averni swamps.


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