Elemental Dawn

Chapter 22 - Black Earth Fighting Blues

Chapter 22 – Black Earth Fighting Blues
Pressing further and deeper into the ancient dwarven halls, the Party finds themselves overcome by a foe that had crossed their paths previously. Awakening in the dungeon at the hands of a lunatic interrogator, they somehow manage to escape despite a lack of outer clothes and an ogre barracks. Managing to rescue a handful (and losing at least two), the Party flees through the dungeon and reach the clean light of the surface once more.
Having survived, the Party finds the nearest safe secluded area and collapses from the sheer physical stress inflicted upon them and take a long rest while contemplating their next move – returning to the subterranean temple, rescuing the town of Red Larch, or pursuing one of the other elemental cults.

To be continued in
Chapter 23 – Black Earth Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Notable NPCs

Chapter 21: Stone Temple Violence

Chapter 21 – Stone Temple Violence
Wherein the Companions of the Bear continue to dig deeper into the bowels of the Sacred Stone Monastery. Joined by Melora, a noble knight of the holy order of Moradin, they outwit violent fungi, a gelatinous cube, and the oversized foes of Drool, Moog, and Garri. Having bested the few remaining guards and applying liberal brute force and lock picks, they manage to free seventeen captives and equip them with arms and armor to make the journey back to Red Larch or maybe Goldenfields to plot the retaking of Red Larch.
Descending the ancient dwarven stair carved from the very living stone, the party crossed a bridge of perils and ignored attempts to drive them back with gargoyles and a hobgoblin war mage.
Beyond lies the door to even more dangers. Will they persist or yield, advance or flee? Find out next chapter!

Chapter 20: Monk-ee Business

Chapter 20: Black Earth Below (or More Monk-EE Business)
The party withstands the counterattack from the Monks of the Sacred Stone, and then interrupts a lich lost in study. Yet, somehow the party did not die due to undead or a fire happy cleric.

Chapter 19: To Red Larch with Love

Chapter 19:
Where our heroes did travel to Red Larch and see things of a suspicious nature, give ethical advice to merchants, and invade the monastery of the Sacred Stone.All evidence points to a surge in the goblin population …
Meanwhile, is the Sacred Stone but the tip of the troubles? Who gives them their orders? Where do the stone stairs lead to? Have animals begun to live in Gilles’ beard?

Notable NPCs
Wagon Train encountered, last seen on the road between Red Larch and Westbridge

Bruno Monetti (Male Human, purveyor of wares, seeking to ease the woes of those poor unfortunate souls at reasonable rates)
Bilbar Rasbenni (Male Gnome, dealer in ceramics)
Rossilita (Female Human, licensed companion, also seeking to ease woes at reasonable rates)

Chapter 18: Picking up the Pieces

Chapter 18: Picking Up the Pieces
Where the Other Party is taken into the trust of the Panrovian League of Aligned Lords due to their actions
Under the direction of Bashir, the Other Party tended to the poisoned noble guests in the aftermath of an event that could only be called the Corrino Massacre. If not for the Other Party stopping the Storm Elemental, it would have surely ripped its way through the weakened guests. As a an act of faith and perhaps desperation, the Panrovian Lords seek to employ the Party as agents of their cause.
Though most of the Party rejects the offer, they still resolve to investigate the strange happenings in the Dessarin Valley. Even the ship voyage is met with cult activity in the form of a aquatic assault (including the lesser known Sea Troll, not to be mistaken for a Troll in the Sea). The storms have returned to Alesport once more, but their travels take them to the once merry town of Amphail. Instead of joy, they instead find paranoia and gloom. Staying in town to attempt to find the cause, they run afoul of the Council of Woe, bearers of the message that only the Black Earth has the strength to withstand the deadly forces that destroyed Red Larch. The battle ends quickly, with a heroic effort to spirit an Orb of Earthen Devastation from the town before it unleashed its earth shattering powers.
Next Week, Secrets of the Black Earth
or Those Who Dig That Old Time Religion

Chapter 17: A Party to Die For

Chapter 17:

This dread hour come round at last
In which the Heroes of Alesport are invited as honored guests to a celebration of heroes, namely the ones returning from the field after Ravena had at last been retaken though the Holy Seat of Petros had been reduced to rubble through a storm of destruction.
As was expected, the evening was a hotbed of politics and indulgence. Then at the invitation of a familiar face (Iniri, last encountered at the Valley of Fire), the party found themselves outside the kitchen midway through the evening. What they found was blood and the dead. That and cultists disguised as servants. A pitched battle ensued, climaxing in the summoning of a storm elemental, the poisoning of multiple nobles, and the utter social failure of the noble born ranger. Though the heroes escaped relatively unscathed (except for their reputations), the actual body count of bystanders remains to be determined …
Meanwhile, elsewhere
“You wanted a show of force. Observe what has been done at Castle Corrino. Follow our masters and began your true path to power.”
The listener, shrouded in darkness, continues to finger a ring and a weapon, contemplating what is being offered, and a price to be paid. Considering what is to be gained, there really is no choice at all …

Chapter 16: Off to see the Wizard

(and in proper player style, all the laid out plans are avoided in favor of going the other way)
Chapter 16: In Judgement
or Off to See The Wizard
In which the Heroes of Alesport lay the dead to rest but lose the farm.After receiving a non cuddly verbal warning from Strolo Magebreaker and Wort (Mage hunter and apprentice), the party begins an epic back the way they came, stopping by all the usual spots. Westbridge – now feeling the wrathful hunger of Gnawbone and the echoes of despair from the survivors of Red Larch; Crater Red Larch – finally answering questions from the constable, and even sticking around to try to help some of the recovery effort; Bargewright – we never stop in bargewright though the repairs seem to be coming along nicely since the fire during the uprising; Golden Fields – Raymundo has not yet returned and many are worried but Gillies has earned the respect of the Hunter Priestess and been given a recipe and a quest; Alesport – Reconnecting with old acquaintances including delivering the news of the Nettlebee collapse, becoming an apprentice by way of a little prick, and what’s new at the curiosity shoppe. Finally, passage is booked to see Vivo Terra to get some professional advice on the Elemental artifacts. Besides some sight seeing and busking, information is gained from the illustrious Griffon’s Staff on the history of Elemental Evil in the region.

Chapter 15: Loot, Clues, and Two Smoking Barbarians

In which the anti party provoke a fight with kobolds, are victims in a plot hatched by cultists (possibly including Fire Druid Ignatius), and desecrate the memory and tomb of a great barbarian chief.

Hall of the Howling Hatred II
If it moves then we kill it!

Chapter 14 – Hall of the Howling Hatred II
or “If it moves then we kill it”
The party’s well deserved rest is interrupted by the sound of movement. Investigation reveals that there is a group of potential adventurers, perhaps attempting to loot the party’s rightfully plundered dungeon! Shots are fired as the other party attempts to flee. A bard is killed, and tears are shed. The other party was a group of abducted bards seeking freedom now that the Queen of Storm and Air (and her personal bard Windharrow) were dead. Leading them was the elf lass once enamored with the Heroes of Alesport, rebuffed for her attempt to learn form them before she joined with the Company of the Ebon Scroll. She quickly recounted their adventures that led her to this dungeon. It was agreed that she would lead the other abductees to safety (with possible assistance from ‘ghosted’ players – meta!).

Meanwhile, the original party grew fat on the loot of this lost dwarven city, laying waste to the creatures of the Underdark that had been held at bay by the cultist (now free to run amuck!), until they choked on the fearsome (and befuddling) beast of below – the dread Umber Hulk!
Eventually felling the foul bug, the party concluded their looting and began to discuss where they would travel to next, to follow up on quests of long ago or even find a town of substance to sell their treasures in.

Notable NPCs

  • Merilwyn of Alesport (Half Elven, Bard, member of the Company of the Ebon Scroll)
  • ‘Corby’ (Alien bird person, last of his scouting party, wings have been cut off)
  • Aurora (Human, Bard, deceased)
  • Oric & Lathana (human, rescued prisoners)
  • Wulgreda Stonefist (Dwarf, prospector, rescued)
  • Other nameless rescued prisoners
Halls of the Howling Hatred
On a Wing and a Prayer

In which the Heroes of Alesport fought their way through the subterranean halls of a forgotten dwarf city against the cult of elemental air (so … airians?), an invisible wyvern, and a self proclaimed queen of sky and storm with a legendary spear.

Though nearly losing several party members, with spells and artifacts spent, the Heroes once more emerged triumphant and richer than they started. Still, questions remains – will they remain in to explore the rest of the tunnels and ruins, will they use the spear of legend despite fear of a curse or merely sell it to the highest bidder, and will there ever be better armor classes made available by a tight fisted DM?


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