Elemental Dawn

Storm Over Alesport
In which our Heroes meet

Alesport, season of Mists in the year 1497

From out of the unending storm came the watery doom, creatures of the deep wrecking havoc through the merchant port of Alesport. A band of adventurers rallied to face the invaders, confronting the wandering bands and eventually confronting and defeating the head cultist at the Temple of the Seven but too late to save the grizzled out priest of Orm.

Whether it was the demise of Stephano, the head cultist who had vowed vengeance, or the response of the mercenary band, the Red Angels, the invaders retreated back to the sea from which they came but taking with them several captives.

That evening the heroic adventurers were invited to enjoy the opulent hospitality of Lord Sylvester ‘the Virtuous’ Villanova and his wife.

Come morning, the party resolved to follow the trail of a mysterious sigil connecting the events of the previous evening with ruins in the nearby Averni swamps.


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