Elemental Dawn

Chapter 16: Off to see the Wizard

(and in proper player style, all the laid out plans are avoided in favor of going the other way)
Chapter 16: In Judgement
or Off to See The Wizard
In which the Heroes of Alesport lay the dead to rest but lose the farm.After receiving a non cuddly verbal warning from Strolo Magebreaker and Wort (Mage hunter and apprentice), the party begins an epic back the way they came, stopping by all the usual spots. Westbridge – now feeling the wrathful hunger of Gnawbone and the echoes of despair from the survivors of Red Larch; Crater Red Larch – finally answering questions from the constable, and even sticking around to try to help some of the recovery effort; Bargewright – we never stop in bargewright though the repairs seem to be coming along nicely since the fire during the uprising; Golden Fields – Raymundo has not yet returned and many are worried but Gillies has earned the respect of the Hunter Priestess and been given a recipe and a quest; Alesport – Reconnecting with old acquaintances including delivering the news of the Nettlebee collapse, becoming an apprentice by way of a little prick, and what’s new at the curiosity shoppe. Finally, passage is booked to see Vivo Terra to get some professional advice on the Elemental artifacts. Besides some sight seeing and busking, information is gained from the illustrious Griffon’s Staff on the history of Elemental Evil in the region.


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