Elemental Dawn

Chapter 17: A Party to Die For

Chapter 17:

This dread hour come round at last
In which the Heroes of Alesport are invited as honored guests to a celebration of heroes, namely the ones returning from the field after Ravena had at last been retaken though the Holy Seat of Petros had been reduced to rubble through a storm of destruction.
As was expected, the evening was a hotbed of politics and indulgence. Then at the invitation of a familiar face (Iniri, last encountered at the Valley of Fire), the party found themselves outside the kitchen midway through the evening. What they found was blood and the dead. That and cultists disguised as servants. A pitched battle ensued, climaxing in the summoning of a storm elemental, the poisoning of multiple nobles, and the utter social failure of the noble born ranger. Though the heroes escaped relatively unscathed (except for their reputations), the actual body count of bystanders remains to be determined …
Meanwhile, elsewhere
“You wanted a show of force. Observe what has been done at Castle Corrino. Follow our masters and began your true path to power.”
The listener, shrouded in darkness, continues to finger a ring and a weapon, contemplating what is being offered, and a price to be paid. Considering what is to be gained, there really is no choice at all …


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