Elemental Dawn

Chapter 21: Stone Temple Violence

Chapter 21 – Stone Temple Violence
Wherein the Companions of the Bear continue to dig deeper into the bowels of the Sacred Stone Monastery. Joined by Melora, a noble knight of the holy order of Moradin, they outwit violent fungi, a gelatinous cube, and the oversized foes of Drool, Moog, and Garri. Having bested the few remaining guards and applying liberal brute force and lock picks, they manage to free seventeen captives and equip them with arms and armor to make the journey back to Red Larch or maybe Goldenfields to plot the retaking of Red Larch.
Descending the ancient dwarven stair carved from the very living stone, the party crossed a bridge of perils and ignored attempts to drive them back with gargoyles and a hobgoblin war mage.
Beyond lies the door to even more dangers. Will they persist or yield, advance or flee? Find out next chapter!


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