Elemental Dawn

Chapter 18: Picking up the Pieces

Chapter 18: Picking Up the Pieces
Where the Other Party is taken into the trust of the Panrovian League of Aligned Lords due to their actions
Under the direction of Bashir, the Other Party tended to the poisoned noble guests in the aftermath of an event that could only be called the Corrino Massacre. If not for the Other Party stopping the Storm Elemental, it would have surely ripped its way through the weakened guests. As a an act of faith and perhaps desperation, the Panrovian Lords seek to employ the Party as agents of their cause.
Though most of the Party rejects the offer, they still resolve to investigate the strange happenings in the Dessarin Valley. Even the ship voyage is met with cult activity in the form of a aquatic assault (including the lesser known Sea Troll, not to be mistaken for a Troll in the Sea). The storms have returned to Alesport once more, but their travels take them to the once merry town of Amphail. Instead of joy, they instead find paranoia and gloom. Staying in town to attempt to find the cause, they run afoul of the Council of Woe, bearers of the message that only the Black Earth has the strength to withstand the deadly forces that destroyed Red Larch. The battle ends quickly, with a heroic effort to spirit an Orb of Earthen Devastation from the town before it unleashed its earth shattering powers.
Next Week, Secrets of the Black Earth
or Those Who Dig That Old Time Religion


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