Elemental Dawn

Chapter 22 - Black Earth Fighting Blues

Chapter 22 – Black Earth Fighting Blues
Pressing further and deeper into the ancient dwarven halls, the Party finds themselves overcome by a foe that had crossed their paths previously. Awakening in the dungeon at the hands of a lunatic interrogator, they somehow manage to escape despite a lack of outer clothes and an ogre barracks. Managing to rescue a handful (and losing at least two), the Party flees through the dungeon and reach the clean light of the surface once more.
Having survived, the Party finds the nearest safe secluded area and collapses from the sheer physical stress inflicted upon them and take a long rest while contemplating their next move – returning to the subterranean temple, rescuing the town of Red Larch, or pursuing one of the other elemental cults.

To be continued in
Chapter 23 – Black Earth Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Notable NPCs


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