Elemental Dawn

Chapter 24 - Breaking Camp

Chapter 24: Breaking Camp
Pausing only briefly to loot the bodies, the Party pressed on into the night to complete what they had started and drive the cultists and thugs from Red Larch. With little stealth, they crossed the broken ground that once was the town crossroads and attempted to storm the military barracks. They arrived to find it in a state of alert, but too recently set into motion for it to be more than a rough defense at best. Charging forth, they faced wave after wave of mercenary, hobgoblin thug, and experienced veteran. They few surviving invaders were sent fleeing into the darkness and the Party all but collapsed from exhaustion as there appeared a relief force from Golden Fields, led by none other than Sir Ernst of the Stoutblade (but you probably never heard of his fratnernal order of knights, the Knights of Samael).
Scant days ago a merchant had passed through Golden Fields with tales of what Red Larch encounters and the monastery that was being investigated by the Company of the Bear. Suspecting the worst, Sir Ernst rounded up volunteers for a more thorough investigation and arrived to see those concerns confirmed.
After a well earned rest and the updating of factions as well as looting the remaining bodies, the Party set forth to Bargewright as a place to sell some of the loot and perhaps gain some facts. The smell of commerce and market was overwhelming but inescapable. The party settled in to do some selling and seek out potential upgrades to their adventuring arsenal.
Then, passing in the street, Jonas spotted the familiar face, one that they had met in the role of a druid and more recently in the role of a servant at a party that had turned extremely violent. Iniri was in Bargewright, and where Iniri was, people died.


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