Almanac: Factions operating in Panrovia

Major Factions

Colleges of Mages (Arcane, Lore)
* Esoteric Order of the Silver Dawn
* House of the Eight Gates
* Minor Colleges

Costra Mandato (Criminal, Merchant)
The Mandato is your family. You watch out for it and it watches out for you.
You are the master of your own destiny. Never be less than what you deserve to be.
Everything – and everyone – has a price

Falco & Fiore (Political)
The recurring political camps that have recurred repeatedly, divided on issues of supporting the power of the Patriarch, the intervention of Merrovin, the Kigndom of Ravenna, or anything else that sets off two households against each other.

Fraternal Order of the Gauntlets of Justice (Knights, Clerics, Garrisons)
A primarily martial order dedicated to vigilance in the war against evil, enforce justice, and protect those unable to protect themselves. Its members come from many races, nations, classes, and faiths, joined in a like minded quest against evils might.

Merchant League of the Northern Marches (Merchants, Garrisons)
The guilds of the Northern Marches have banded together to protect their self interests. Their agents can commonly found escorting merchant goods across the Marches.

Parliament of the Wild (Druid, Rangers, Arcane)
There are many druid Circles across the lands, but the oldest and wisest members gather as nature dictates.

Pathfinders Society (Rangers, Druids, Secrets
The Society is a loose collection of those who walk the wild lands, acting to preserve the natural order, find the balance to keep civilization and the wilderness from destroying each other, and gathering knowledge of the wild and the unknown. Their lodges are places of lore and a respite from the wild.

Society of the Silver Moon and Harp (Elves, Spies)
The Harpers claim to have arisen from the ashes of the lost city of Tiras Alore, dedicated to aid the weak and powerless, oppose those who abuse their might, and redress corruption and the abuse of magic. In regions that support slavery, being a Harper is often considered a crime and thus they practice great secrecy.

Minor Factions

Gimens (Dwarf, Thugs)
Dwarfs that are clanless or outcasts often form gangs, usually criminal in nature.

Lycanon Bravos (Criminal)
Most likely originating Panrovia or Archea, these criminal clans can be found in many cities, each with their own agenda and organization.

Mercenary Companies (Martial)
Panrovia is thick with mercenary companies seeking employ in the ongoing chess game between warring cities.

Ten Thousand Sails Trading House (Merchants, Nobles)
One of the larger trading houses of Archea, it maintains shops in ports all along the South Coast.

Almanac: Factions operating in Panrovia

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